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Gift Baskets, Gourmet Food Gifts, Christmas & Holiday Baskets. Fun Food's From !
Our online store includes great finds from all over this beautiful region. Enjoy some of the best the Skagit Valley area has to offer. Whether it's a treat for you and the family, or a gift for someone special, liven up your REXMAS Celebration or special occasion with some tasty Skagit Valley foods!
Everybody Loves to Eat!

Enjoy This Selection Of Rexville Treats and Gifts:


Honey, Tea
& Mug

$ 23.48
  Coffee & Mug
$ 26.99
Albacore Tuna
$ 20.00
By purchasing locally grown products you help preserve and sustain the Skagit Valley farmlands.  Learn more...

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Please Note: We only ship to U.S. destinations. For ground shipments, a charge of not more than 10% will be added to orders over $300 at the time of processing. See our Info Guide for more detail.

Questions?  Just call us at 360-466-5522 between 7am-5pm PST